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mar 2022

Transport Week 2022

Szczegóły wydarzenia

Transport Week 2022 – Wpływ polityki klimatycznej na transport oraz Post-COVID’owa rzeczywistość portowa

Agenda Transport Week 2022 highlights:

- Impact of climate policy on the transport sector – how will EU’s climate & environmental strategies (European Green Deal, Fit for 55) shape the market in the coming years.
- Ports as key players in local, regional and global economies – does CEF II recognize their important status?
- How to avoid financial overextension? When do investments make sense and how to decide which projects to prioritize in context of environmental and climate-related regulations
- Container market snapshot and analysis – what will 2022 look like?
- RoRo market development – will 2022 see a continuation of growth?
- Post-pandemic passenger market – the new normal and return to pre-COVID reality
… and many more!

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